Learning the graphic design terms

12:42 PM

Ux, Onboarding, Case study, Dark social, Branding, UI, GUI, BTL, ATL, etc.

Every day someone comes up with a new term even when there is no need, and it starts to resemble the Academy. In general, we have to remember that, apart from songs, we can find on YouTube explanatory videos. It’s enough to write the name of term and nibble popcorn or popsicle during explanations.

Secondly, it is possible to simplify any subject. However, in order to sound smart professionals develop a deliberately complicated jargon, and when marketers start to use a jargon the headache is guaranteed. Contracts and legal documents are also written in a deliberately complicated language even though there is no problem to simplify wording. Someone has studied the matter and tried to lead a process that will simplify the wording.

For example: What is UX > User Experience > What “he” sees on the screen and whether it meets what he wants to do and what we want him to do > He needs to enter a username and a password to Log in, so here are two fields to fill up and our logo. Oh... So why did you call it UX? exactly..