The search after the best chair for the graphic designer

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After yet another day where we had to take a break to help soothe our aching backs we knew it was time to take a deeper look at how we work. As folks that primarily work from home, we can be found doing our jobs from the couch, kitchen table, or our tiny home office. Surprisingly, or not, we've found that the back pain increases when we work from our home office, which means that we've got a bit of a problem and we're pretty sure it's the chair.

First of all, we need to how to sit:

Don't cheap out. Your profession requires you to spend thousands of hours per year at a desk.
Money spent on a good chair is just like spending money on any other tool needed to do your job. Arguably a good chair is one of your most important tools -- you're not getting much good work done if sitting is uncomfortable or, worse, painful.

So, in short, what is the best chair for graphic designers?

Meet the Aeron chair

In an almost surprising twist on the original design, the Aeron Chair now comes in three sizes that are more responsive to body weight from 90 pounds to 350 pounds. Additionally, a new suspension system and tilt mechanism have been introduced for extra flexibility, while the new system covers your comfort with its targeted pressure distribution.

About Herman Miller - The makers of the Aeron chair.

Founded in 1905 and recognized today throughout the world as an innovator in office and residential furniture design, Herman Miller has been ranked since 1986 among the top ten in Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the 500 most admired companies - which is like "Crazy". Their pioneering research into producing environmentally responsible furniture has earned them GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification for most of their products. Aesthetically, many of Herman Miller’s iconic designs, particularly from the 1940s and 1950s, are valuable collector’s items and on permanent display in museums such as the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Smithsonian Institution.
If the purpose of design is to solve problems, and the relationship between design and business is synergistic, then Herman Miller today continues to be in the vanguard of design as a fundamental part of strategic planning.

The Aeron the most innovative and iconic ergonomic office chair ever made and for good reason. The Herman Miller® Classic Aeron Chair revolutionized how we sit forever by blending the latest technology in ergonomic support of the body with a cross performance design and best-in-class materials. As the first office chair to replace fabric and foam with breathable, woven suspension membrane, the Classic Aeron Chair, distributes your weight appropriately, eliminating pressure points and heat buildup. The Kinematic Tilt lets you recline fluidly, while the PostureFit® puts back support where you need it most while seated—at the base of your spine.

The Classic Aeron comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate the largest range of body types and with a wide range of colors, weaves and frame finishes.
Aeron's 3 sizes:
Size A is best suited to people of up to 5'2 in height. 
Size B is best suited to people between 5'2 and 6'0 in height. 
Size C is best suited to those over 6 feet tall.
Adjustment Guide For the Aeron chair

Long term Warranty
Most Aeron chairs come with a 12-year Herman Miller warranty. This warranty is a promise that the chair lives up to the highest standards in the industry. If for some reason the chair fails to live up to this standard, Herman Miller will ship and repair it at no cost to you. To learn more read the Herman Miller Warranty (PDF).
Supportive, breathable Pellicle suspension
Instead of traditional fabric and foam, Classic Aeron's mesh seating surface conforms to the sitter's shape, evenly distributes weight to eliminate pressure points and lets air pass through for cool comfort.
Tilt mechanism
The patented Kinemat Tilt mimics the body’s natural pivot points - the hips, knees, and ankles - so the chair works with, not against, your body, as you recline fluidly.
Tilt Tension adjustment
Allows the user to control the resistance felt when leaning back in the chair.
Pneumatic Lift
The seat height adjustment uses compressed air to raise the seat height from a low of 16 in. to a high of 20.5 in.
Lumbar Pad (Optional)
An ergonomic device that can be adjusted vertically through a 4.5-inch height range. Its depth is also adjustable.
Back Support Options
PostureFit Lumbar Back Support for Classic Aeron Chair.Additional back support on the Classic Aeron Chair is optional, although, highly-recommended for those who sit for long periods of time or suffer from lower back pain.

The Design Story of the Aeron Chair
In the 1970s, Herman Miller was deep into research in the field of office ergonomics and work seating and challenged Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf to rethink traditional designs of office chairs. Their research produced the award-winning Ergon chair in 1976, and Equa chair in 1984. Building upon what they had learned, Stumpf and Chadwick began working in the early 1990s on a design for the world’s most comfortable office chair. Keeping in mind Charles Eames’ point that chairs should be designed for how people sit rather than how they should sit, they set about designing a chair that would: Promote the health of the person sitting in it Move and adjust as simply as possible Support a person in any position Really fit large or small people Be environmentally responsible.
The result, Herman Miller Aeron Chair, was introduced in 1994 to immediate success and became an icon of contemporary design. It introduced the use of a semi-transparent mesh material called Pellicle, which allowed air to circulate against the sitter’s back, as well as conform to the shape and build of the user so that pressure on the impact areas is minimized.

Assembly Required
Fully assembled
Back Rest Information
Tilt Lock
Back Surface
Herman Miller
Castor Type
Hardwood flooring and short pile carpet
Country of Origin
Size B ; H107 x W68.5 x D43cm
Dynamic design Information
Eligible for International Delivery
Furniture Range
Height of seat
Lumbar Support
Manufacturer's Guarantee
12 years
Pellicle engineered weave
Max User Weight
Recommended hours of use
Up to 24 per day
Seat Height
Tilting backrest

Weight Information

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