10 principles to market yourself as an Awesome Designer

3:38 PM

It’s good to keep on a weekly marketing plan. To showcase a project before friends in the social media, Post a blog, Update a site. Participate in networking meetings, contribute in forums, create freebies and above all - Show yourself and your work to others in different occasions. Marketing is a cumulative activity. In the selling point, we will always use the marketing products. Self-marketing, especially at the beginning of the professional way, will work best among friends and acquaintances.

01. The Basic: Brand Yourself & Present your work.
Your Portfolio is Your Proof of abilities. Make it versatile. Show it in mockups. Then make it visible - In your email signature, as a digital signature in forums, on social networks.

02. Make. Show. Repeat.
If you did something but didn't show it, it's as if you've done nothing. Save your works, share outcome & process with friends and clients.

03. Copy methods from brands you admire.
Have you seen a cool video about something? a commercial? a flyer? business card?
how about doing something alike.

04. Bio: Develop a Cool Story (the Elevator Pitch).
Be personal, Creative, Authentic, Real. Have a cool story, Unique perception, A love. Be passionate and interesting.

05. Build an Offering.
What do you like or wish to do? what are you good at? What did you find that customers look for?

06. Blog.
Write about your experience and share your thoughts.

07. Seek clients.
Say that you look for clients. Tell about your abilities and OFFER them to anyone you meet.

08. Network offline.
Be Personal, Meet, Discuss, Have fun with others, Connect in real life.

09. Persistence.
Keep it low Volume but keep it steady. Don't disappear.

10. Give.
People Love to receive so give. Advice, light Consulting, Help, Resources, Time and Hand.

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