Education: Design vs. software.

11:18 PM

Clearly design. 
if all you got is a limited time and the choice stands between preferring software learning or design learning - so go for design. Design absorbs in its best mostly by designers strangers, annoying design chores, from personal stories about projects and discussing design. To watch how an experienced designer react to a design in front of him. what does he look at, what would he prefer or ask to change, the face he makes. When it comes to software, a teacher helps to understand the logic of the program. It's more effective to learn aa software in our free time, instead of puting efforts on long assignments and just focusing in class on understanding what ticks the experienced designer. Softwares can be learned on-line. Solving specific issues through search in google or YouTube. Profound education can be reached with a list of full on-line video courses, like you can find on Lynda

No matter how much you'll learn by yourselves, as an employee, you will learn from colleagues until reaching the minimal professional standard. furthermore, a software always updates, change and switched. The logic usually stays, sometimes we need to start again from scratch.